What is next for techlab ?

What is next ?

I have just received my orders. You can see all of them below. Anyway, when I have spare time, I'll write new my articles about these awesome items as soon as possible.

I plan to share these articles in this months ... well actually some of them are already prepared just I need review them and prepare some visuals and videos. Actually they take my time more than coding :)

New articles list;

- New wireless communication project (with wixel)
- Nokia 5110 LCD screen project
- Sd card project
- Commpass Project
- I2C communication
- IMU project ( only this might be posted in next month) because I have to check my code one more time before I share it.

if you want check out my other project, link is here http://technologylaboratory.blogspot.com/search/label/Arduino.

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3D printer as a senior project

Hi everybody,

I'm going to tell you the story of my senior project. It is a 3D printer :P

I did this project as my senior project about one year ago when I was at the university in 2012. It was a kind of amazing and completely different experience for me. When I built my 3d printer (wow! sounds like cool right ?), every single step had different difficulties and stress for several reasons (well… it doesn't seem like a cool idea to me now what do you think?). 

My first reason was that I had no idea about how to make a 3D printer or what it was waiting for me util my project manager told me the idea "3d printing". And the second reason is that you can not find all the parts of 3D printers in Turkey. You can actually find them but they are really expensive and not the exact tools and parts you need for the project. Therefore, you had better order them from Europe, the US. or China. However, as you can guess, shipping takes time and I couldn't afford it neither. Therefore, I decided to build its all parts by myself in my dorm room :) Now I'm thinking about my decision and I don't think it was a good decision at all. Anyway, another reason was that I had really limited time to finish the projects. I had about 3 months to make it and prepare my report to present it. If you ask me writing a report is a lot harder than working at the laboratory. Did I say laboratories ? actually, there were not any laboratories and enough equipment at the university so I had to do it with the tools and electronic equipment I have collected for years in my small dorm room.

You can see the dorm room below, if you are curious to see how big it is :) But if you are not a person who can not even spent a min. in a room that is complete mess, I recommend you skip that picture. At least I know that my twin brother will never want to remember that :D He used to tell me that “hey bro you know what ! This is only the most technological dinner table I have ever seen, nothing more than this”,  moreover one time I caught him while he was eating his dinner on my project :) lol after a “conversation”. I think you all know how civilized  twin brothers talk to each other especially when they get so angry :D After all, I joined him ,what ! what was I supposed to do ? I was hungry, too ! :D I have discovered many thing about me since I started working on this project. One of them is working on a project makes me starving :D anyway, I should go on to tell you the story. I thought maybe the university could help me at least economically pehh pehh pehh. (I think sometimes I want a lot of things.) However, when I told that the guy who was responsible to guide me and help me about the project !, he didn't interested what I said him and he told me that there wasn't any fund the university gives for projects :) (they had more important thing to support even more important than students and researches). Moreover, when I had some questions about the project of course, every single time the guy was so busy ! with more important stuff than mine ! I’m not proud of saying that but my university has never helped me for this three months. And the problem was that I already started countdown from 90. 90 days, 89 days, 88 days..., hey ! it's really fast and annoying please stop it. 

And here you go ! the funniest part of all steps of this project, yeah I mean the project team, ... heheh are you kidding me ? just think about it. Who wants to make this kind of risky thing as a senior project instead of making a simple web site. The answer is,of course, nobody :) but I have to tell that my twin brother and best friends have helped me a lot...I owe you guys. Well, maybe they are not able to make any electronic projects as much as me. Because, they like doing some software stuff but at that time I needed every kinds of help that's big or small it doesn't really matter if you need someone’s help. For example while my twin brother was trying to cut woods with a little saw that was for cutting iron :) (I know what you think, but you also know that it’s cheaper, isn't it ?) of course, pieces were always 1mm. longer or shorter than I expected. lol, my friend ,for example, he mounted the button to the printer of course it was wrong direction :) I had to check it and do it again anyway ;) but thanks a lot guys maybe you don’t know but it means a lot for me ;..) I really appropriate it..

Moreover, I still have no idea how many hours I have spent to figure out a really simple and pretty stupid problem or I don't remember how many times I have been to the hardware shops to buy components or pieces ( I don't know why I used to like buying a few amount of components that I need such as resistors, LEDs or pins :D) and I can't pass this point, today I know a lot of industry workers because of this project. I needed to prepare some parts of the 3d printer with a CNC machine. I was lucky because there are a lot of industrial places near the dorm and I couldn't finish the project without their help. hey hey ! one second, actually I remember that some of them tried to get my money for a really easy process hımm ! who was this guy let me second ! … anyway most of them are nice and helpful people, I like these people. I owe you guys too.

And then, I used my Arduino Mega, sensors, different kinds of motors, various libraries, open source applications, a lot of used and new brand parts, every kinds of electronic components these can be useful for my project.... 

Anyway after all, I mean after 3 months, (wow maybe it is easy to say but is it ?...)  I was done with it and I presented my project with a incredible report :P It was more than 100 pages in a really short time. How did I do that ? (wow ! O_o really how did I do that ?)  Well ... Everybody knows what happens at the last night before an exam or a project, right ? :).

Presentation day !

The guy -I mean the teacher -(even in my view he can't be a person who teaches something to other people) gave me hard time after the presentation. Can you believe that he didn't like my presentation although other professors loved it. Moreover, he told me I needed to sell some tomatoes in a public market to learn how to present a product because he thinks any kinds of person who works in the market can do that process better than I can do, actually it was ok to me. I mean that I am an open minded person so I'm open for every kind of criticism and his opinion it's important and I also know that he doesn't need to like me, my work or the project. Actually I don't really care about his personal ! views about me unless he say all of his opinions with bad words ! to me in the class when I'm in front of some of my friends (what a huge shame man ! ), but he didn't know whose his partner at this dance ! and what kind of big deal he just got, of course I bought a box of tomatoes and I went to his office next day and then put it in front of his office door with a letter next day (you can see the picture at the and of this page) and I told him something like "sorry I'm not sorry because I'm one of your unsuccessful students as you already told me that yesterday. I couldn't even sell these tomatoes at a public market because I have never practice that during my engineering education so I'm here again with all the tomatoes and if you know how to sell them here you go. You can sell them or if you want you can also eat them too, I don't mean both, I just want you should know that I'm a computer engineer not a tomatoes seller !", after I did this, I got the lowest score in his students :D, even I had the best project of the department (look at my ego I should say one of the best projects). If you are a professional - emotions and your work - you must keep them separate you know what I mean, right ? Anyway, after my objection the university found me right and I got higher score hahaha. I like good ends if the main character of the story is me :D Whatever, I'm really happy to have this kind of project.

This experience is priceless for me because, I had a chance to learn my limitation and how much I love my major so now I know that there is no limitation for both of them :) I experienced how to make a project when resources, team workers and info. are really limited ... I mean almost "0" :) and of course with a terrible project manager :) 

Ops... almost I forgot to say that there is a really significant function of my project. I'm pretty sure about that if I hadn't added it into my project I wouldn't have been done with it.

int success () {

pick the best and be original ();
try every possible ways to make it real ();
after tried everything you can do, if it still doesn't work {
don't worry();
you tried to do best one();

return you are the winner


You can see me and my project together in the picture bellow :) unfortunately I haven't had a baby yet ;..( I mean that a printed sample by this machine. I didn't have enough time to do this because I had to move it to another city after graduated from the university and I had to move too :) to Seattle to the U.S. but it is able to print 3d objects just it needs abs raw material. At that time I used different kind of plastic so it wasn't melted well and I think its extraction also needs some modification.

Why I told you this a story because I'm thinking about make another 3D printer when I'm in the U.S. because I couldn't bring my baby from Turkey and I have some good idea about it to do and I already have tons of experience and I want to write and share a kind of helpful guidebook for 3d printer makers :) I hope, it'll be in Turkish and English.

look at this happy guy :) this pic. from the epic presentation day :D

Does it seem like this picture ? first design of the project 90 days ago from the presentation day

The first day of the project

after a while :) the pic.of the dorm room :)

First try :) not bad, not bad, huh ? we can say that it means "hello world" :) with out axis z.

and some pictures of details after I add the z axis

I can add more pic. later but the best part of my project is here :D see you soon ;)

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Arduino Project 1 "Hello Arduino"

Hi everybody,

This is a project to say hello for Arduino :) It is a pretty common practice for beginners who is practicing for a new language but when we say hello we are going to use a little bit different way in this Arduino project :) This project's goal is blinking an LED every 2 seconds so Hello Arduino :)

What do we need to do this project
1 Breadboard 
1 330 Ohm Resistor
1  Arduino Mega 2560 or other Arduino boards
Arduino Software

If you want to loot at my all Arduino projects you can visit
http://technologylaboratory.blogspot.com/search/label/Arduino. They are not in English yet. I'm translating them too as this page so you should check them if you want to read my articles about Arduino. I recommend you my blog's Facebook page and Twitter account to follow news easly or you can add me your circle on Google plus.
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If all components are ready we can start.

The circuit is pretty easy to built it. You can see the schematic view of the project one below. You need to attach a resistor's one leg (its way is not important you can pick any leg) to pin 13 (actually pin number is not important neither you can choose any digital output pin) and then you need to figure out led's positive leg to attach it to breadboard. The LED's positive leg and resistors leg have to be to same row on the breadboard after you attach the LED's negative leg to ground now it's ready to blink the LED. 

 In the second step I'm going to tell you the program that we are going to run it on Arduino.


Project 1 
Name : "Hello World"

int ledPin = 13;  // This int variable to keep a pin number that we attached an LED.

void setup(){   // this function works only once. Arduino first run this function. In addition when you reset 
                    // the Arduino it runs again.  

pinMode(ledPin, OUTPUT); // we set the ledPin whose pin number is 13 as an output. It means we 
                                        // can  use this pin to sent digital signal
void loop(){    // and the loop. it runs over and over until you turn off the Arduino :) 
digitalWrite(ledPin, HIGH);                // set the led pin as high so turn it on
delay(2000); // (1000msec.=1sec.)    // wait for 2 seconds.
digitalWrite(ledPin, LOW);                // set the led pin as low so turn it off
// high and low mean the voltage level so when we control the voltage level it means we can control // led's status as on or off

After you are done with all staff it is time to say hello so you need to connect the Arduino board to your computer via USB port. after wait a few seconds you need to click the verify and upload button. You can see the screenshot from the Arduino software version 0022. It is the old one. There is a new version but the compiling process is almost similar. Note: some libraries and examples are not suitable for Arduino's new version so I recommend both of the newest version one and version 0022 should be installed on your computer.

You can see some picture from the project. I'm going to share the video about this project after I upload it.

have a good one and see you at the next project :)

Did you see something wrong about my English ? Please let me know it and read this page.